Day 87/365

Like We Did (When We Were Lost) : The Maine

The ship got lost, the tides they tossed
And as we watched, our vessel sank

YES!!!!!! ITS BACK!!!

If you’re ever lucky enough to find a girl who is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, you should hold onto that. Because she’ll be yours at two in the morning and at two in the afternoon the following day. She’ll kiss you where it hurts and until it hurts. And that’s important. Someone who not only knows how to turn you on but also knows how to treat you right is someone worth a little something… and a little more than usual.

oh, how it feels to feel. how truly lucky i am to just feel. to feel it all. to feel pain, to feel sadness, to feel joy, to feel anger. for a second there i forgot how fortunate i really am. i forgot about the energy in my bloodstream. that violent, unrestricted energy that moves me. moves me to scream and dance and sing, to fight and fornicate, kiss and make-up. that feverish, relentless energy that takes me to where i want to go. i say “there” and i’m there. you say “where?” and we’re halfway around the world. and to think the beauty of my body is only half that of my brain. how flawlessly we fit together; awfully flawless. i see things in color. i smell flowers in the springtime. i hear babies cry and airplanes fly and lectures from those who raised me. i decide things and create things and take one thing and turn it into some other thing. i panic about my future. i regret things i’ve done in the past. i love and i lust and i hope and pray that i don’t ever fail to remember how great it feels to just feel.